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"My scan identified a previously unknown tumor that was otherwise asymptomatic.  Early detection may end up saving my life.  Thank you!"

H.D.  Avondale, PA

"I cannot thank you enough for helping me save my life.  May God Bless all of you!"

D.M, Atlantic Co., NJ

"It was much easier than I thought, or that I had heard from people who had colonoscopies."

J.W.  Hockessin, DE

"The virtual colonoscopy was a more thorough test then the standard colonoscopy testing, where you only had results from colon." 

B.M.  Kent Co., DE

"I was very pleased with the professionalism of the testing and with how quickly it was done and over with." 

 K.A.  Wilmington, DE

"Best experience I ever had at a medical facility!"

M.D. Wilmington, DE

"Everyone I met that morning was very kind and considerate. The technician who actually performed the test talked me through the entire process so I knew what to expect. She was most professional and very concerned about my welfare. Afterwards that staff went to great lengths to make me feel comfortable while I waited for the results. Also the office decor is beautiful - I didn't feel as though I was in a medical facility."

V.P. Dover, DE

"I have nothing but compliments. The waiting rooms were beautiful, peaceful, soothing with very little wait time. I appreciated the confident, kind manner of the technician who helped me through this unpleasant procedure, from the time I arrived, until I was released to go home. She was exceptional! It was an amazing experience for me to have been able to see part of the results after the test. Seeing for myself was very reassuring. I've spent most of my 60 years taking very good care of this body, all the while not knowing what I look like on the inside. Now, I see that things are put together rather well. I feel fortunate to have had this opportunity. Thank you!"

J.N. Wilmington, DE

"The staff was professional and explained the process very well. I was initially apprehensive but felt at ease as the process was explained at each step. I have talked about my experience with family and friend and have recommended that they look into this process as an alternative to a [standard] colonoscopy."

J.M Dover, DE

"I really didn't think that the "prep" was as bad as some of the horror stories that you hear from others who have done a colon prep."

J. M. Newark, DE

"Receptionist was very informative and responsive to questions. The tech was exceptional; very professional, caring, and friendly. Before, during, and after the procedure she kept me totally informed."

B. J. Bear, DE


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