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Why is Colon Cancer Important to me?

Who should be screened for Colon Cancer?

What are the options available for Colon Cancer screening?

What is Traditional/Optical Colonoscopy (OC) and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

What is Virtual Colonoscopy (VC)?

Why is Virtual Colonoscopy (VC) such a breakthrough screening test?

VC does not require sedation or anesthesia. Therefore the patient is able to immediately resume all activities, including driving and work. It is quick--completed in about 10-15 minutes.
Recent studies of VC show that it is as sensitive for detecting polyps and cancers as traditional colonoscopy. Furthermore, the American Cancer Society has endorsed VC, along with traditional colonoscopy, as a first-line screening and prevention test for Colon Cancer. In fact, in many ways, the images provided by VC are even better than those seen by traditional colonoscopy. This is because VC can often see corners, folds, and nooks and crannies of the bowel easier and than traditional colonoscopy.
Furthermore, unlike traditional colonoscopy, which only sees the inside of the colon, a VC also provides images of the rest of the abdomen. While VC images are not a substitute for a complete abdominal CT scan (if one is indicated for other reasons), these VC images can often detect early cancers and other abnormalities in abdominal organs. Many people have been cured of abdominal cancers before they developed symptoms because they were detected early by VC.

What are the major limitations of VC?

What is so innovative about "Integrated Virtual Colonoscopy" at the Colon Health Center of Delaware?

Who reads my VC exam?

Why choose Colon Health Center of Delaware over stand-alone radiology/imaging centers?

What can I expect at a screening appointment?

Is there Radiation involved in VC?

Where else can I receive a similar comprehensive, same-day process?


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