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What's so Innovative About CHC Delaware?

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The CHC Delaware Colon Cancer screening process--Integrated Virtual Colonoscopy--represents the ultimate in patient convenience, comprehensiveness, and safety. The patent-pending CHC Delaware process brings together the best aspects of VC and traditional colonoscopy, and minimizes the limitations of both, in a way that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

The majority of average risk patients (approx. 80%) who present for screening will not be found to have colon polyps or other abnormalities that would need to be removed. On the other hand, 20% of patients who receive a stand-alone Virtual Colonoscopy will have polyps and early cancers detected on VC that will need to be removed. It is unfortunate that these patients first need to undergo a colon prep for the VC, and later will be notified that they will have to schedule an appointment for a traditional colonoscopy to remove the abnormalities, and undergo a second colon prep all over again!

Integrated Virtual Colonoscopy streamlines and eliminates these problems by creating a "Colon Health Center"--a Virtual Colonoscopy imaging center together with traditional colonoscopy endoscopy center.

Patients arrive at the Colon Health Center after performing an overnight colon prep. They receive their VC, which takes approximately 10-15 minutes. The VC images will be immediately sent to our expert reading site, staffed by the most experienced and expert VC readers in the country. Within one hour's time, the patient's VC reading will return and the patient will be notified whether or not they have any colon abnormalities. If they happen to be one of the lucky 80% of average risk individuals, they are done and can immediately resume all activities.

If they are among the 20% of individuals with polyps or other abnormalities, they will be immediately directed to the co-located endoscopy center where they will undergo a traditional colonoscopy and remove the abnormalities.

No need for a second prep! No second day off work! Pure convenience designed around the needs of patients.


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