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CHC Delaware design featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer, June 2011 (PDF)

Exterior view

Waiting room


Virtual Colonoscopy room

Dressing room


From the Designer of CHC Delaware:

"The concept behind the spa-like atmosphere of the Colon Health Center of Delaware is to convey a sense of wellness and peacefulness. The layout and material selections were given careful consideration so that the patient experience at CHC Delaware is not only one of professionalism, but also enjoyment.

Realizing that the patient might arrive feeling anxious, I felt it was imperative that their time at CHC Delaware is as pleasant and comfortable as I could make it for them. Attention has been given to all phases of the patients visit. From the time they enter the waiting area and see the trickling water imbedded into the wall, surrounded by tuxedo-layered shimmering wallpaper, the dim amber lights and the soft pastel colors of blue sea, green bottle glass, and tropical melon, it is my hope that the feeling is one of comfort and relief. No details have been forgotten to help the patient feel continuously at ease, from the refreshing air freshener misted into the changing rooms, to the tropical plants, the fish and water which remind of us of life and breath, to the refreshments of melons after upon exiting at check out.

The patient will spend a period of time waiting for the test results after having their procedure, which is why I wanted the changing rooms to be inviting. The benches are fully upholstered, organic in shape, making it comfortable to sit back read, rest or watch TV. Textured wallpaper that resembles sand and pebbles with a hint of shimmer and ceiling light fixtures of Capiz shells amongst topaz crystals, cast a soft soothing amount of light, into this restful space.

During the testing the patient will gaze up to the two- tiered ceiling of acrylic panels of silk and capiz shells in the Virtual Colonoscopy room during their 15 minute procedure and lay resting to the soft color LED lights in the four corners of the room which radiate twelve different colors in soothing motion.

Upon their departure, while checking out the grand finally of the texture and color is on the wall of the reception desk. Adorned in recycled glass mosaics is a blend of matte and shiny beach glass with onyx marble tops and sea fans framed for artwork."

Michele Yurick
M. Yurick Design


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