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Mid-Atlantic GI Consultants (MAGIC) is a widely-respected group of eight Board-Certified Gastroenterologists based in Newark, DE and serving New Castle, Cecil, Salem, and Chester Counties. MAGIC offers the latest technology and expertise in Colon Cancer Screening and all GI and Liver disorders.

MAGIC provides all endoscopic procedures in its convenient and state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center, and allows you to "sleep through your procedure" under the care of an expert anesthesiology team.

MAGIC is passionate about providing patients with innovative and cutting-edge technology, in a personalized and compassionate manner. MAGIC is proud to be the first community GI center in the nation to offer a new choice for Colon Cancer Screening—Integrated Virtual Colonoscopy™. Integrated Virtual Colonoscopy offers the choice of receiving convenient, non-invasive, and sedation-free Virtual Colonoscopy (VC), which allows approximately 80% of individuals to receive a "clean colon bill of health" and drive themselves to work, home, etc. If polyps are found, however, MAGIC offers the opportunity for a same-day, same-prep Traditional Colonoscopy to remove the polyps by one of its expert GI endoscopists. No need for a second day or second prep!

MAGIC physicians are courteous, friendly and focused on the needs of the whole patient. MAGIC doctors listen attentively and strive to provide the highest level of care in a community setting. The practice offers easy access, convenient locations, and a knowledgeable, friendly staff. MAGIC is affiliated with Christiana Care Health System. Timely appointments are available, and most insurance plans are accepted.

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