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Our Patent-Pending Colon Cancer Screening Model

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The CHC America model integrates the best aspects of new and established colon cancer screening modalities into a seamless, patient-centric approach that is designed to significantly boost colon cancer screening rates in the community.

CT Colonography, also known as Virtual Colonoscopy is emerging as the new, non-invasive, and patient-satisfying way to perform a whole-bowel screen. With newer techniques and technologies, the sensitivity for CTC for detecting colon polyps and cancers is now equivalent to traditional optical colonoscopy and may actually exceed it in the future.

Both CT Colonography and Traditional Colonoscopy have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages as colon cancer screening tests. For both, the disadvantages limit the effectiveness of either test as a stand-alone modality. But, by placing both technologies together at the same site, and creating a community-based "Colon Health Center", the individual advantages of each modality compensate for the other's disadvantages.

We believe that if Colon Cancer screening is made simple, convenient, comprehensive, and noninvasive, than many more Americans will get appropriate screening. The innovative strategy of CHC America, bringing together CT Colonography and Traditional Colonoscopy, and allowing patients to benefit from the advantages of both, accomplishes the need to make screening simple, convenient, comprehensive, and noninvasive.

The result: a paradigm-changing colon cancer screening method that will significantly increase the population screening rate, AND significantly reduce the overall cost of screening to the healthcare system and payors.

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