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CHC America is focused on providing the most comprehensive, convenient, and patient-satisfying colon cancer screening services for Americans.  While patients will always be our primary focus, GI specialists are the natural partners in our business. 

We believe that GI physicians are in the best position to offer the comprehensive CHC America screening model. First, GI physicians are the leaders of colon cancer screening in this country today. While other specialties have incorporated endoscopic screening into their practices, GI physicians clearly have the most experience and training, and have devoted a significant portion of their efforts towards preventing colon cancer.

Many GI physician groups already have ownership interests in facilities that can provide the traditional colonoscopy capabilities that are required in the CHC America model. Therefore, these GIs have the ability to adapt the operations of their endoscopy centers to meet the needs of this progressive screening regimen.

Finally, GI physicians will be motivated to adopt the progressive CHC America model rather than relinquishing all of their colon cancer screening business to radiologists, who will no doubt offer stand-alone virtual colonoscopy.

While patients remain our primary focus and concern at CHC America, GI physicians are our natural partners in this effort. We believe that, through a partnership with CHC America, GI physicians will find a compelling solution to help them survive and thrive in the new era of Virtual Colonoscopy/CT Colonography.

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